The Tharros Media team that makes the Magic happen

Adam Leech

Founder and Owner of Tharros Media.

In 2007, Adam starting working for his father’s small business. Through that time, he’s operated multiple online properties. He learned the ins and outs of online marketing by doing it for himself. He’s figured out where and how it could apply to other businesses.

He started Tharros Media in 2016 with one goal:

Helping Businesses Win

He believes that business, especially small business, is the lifeblood of the economy.

If business were a car, sales is the engine. Marketing is the fuel.

Without people knowing what you do, your business couldn’t operate. A lot of small businesses that I see (and have worked with), run on regular with the tank half full.

Think of Tharros like a gas station. What I want to do is fill your car all the way up with premium.

The right customers knowing about your business at the right times in the right ways =

Premium Marketing

Our services at Tharros Media aren’t for all businesses. If you’re content with regular and the tank half-full, more power to you.


If you want to break out of using regular and start putting in premium:

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