Who Makes the Magic Happen?

About Adam

In 2007, Adam starting working for his father’s small business selling commercial doors.

On the side, he built websites and sold watches online.

The whole time he wanted to bring his father’s business into the 21st century.

Most small business owners don’t want to learn how to do anything online – but they know they need to be there.

There’s a reason:

If you’ve ever done anything online, you know things changes as soon as you do them.

But, you know you need to be there because that’s where your customers are.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, and huge corporations are trying to take them out. Even Amazon is starting to sell doors now…

To compete now, you have to be online.

Besides being a Google Partner, he continually learns what’s new to stay on the cutting edge.

And Adam spends over 5-figures per year (or more) learning the cutting edge of internet marketing. He’s even a part of a 5-figure mastermind group of other agency owners. All with one purpose:

Helping your business destroy your competition – no matter who it is.

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