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With the advancement of internet technology, most business owners are looking to pave the straightest way to their potential customers; to develop their dynamic web presence. Yes, a website can help you get established to the global market the simplest way.


However, it’s not only about developing your website but promoting on the web.


Many website development companies now offer search engine optimization services, helping their client get complete web support; from start to end.


And SEO expert not only promotes newly developed websites, but SEO professionals work on already developed websites by providing necessary changes to the site.


Online businesses have turned out to be the latest trend in the market, and business owners are increasingly searching for the professional and affordable SEO companies. But, only an awesome SEO company can help you get the most out of your investment.


Search engine optimization can bring in leads and sales and help your business grow.

Get more leads and sales and grow my business.


Have you had trouble in the past finding reliable SEO service providers?


While hiring a professional, you should be wary of false promises. It’s wise to have some knowledge about the service to best evaluate the professionals. Let’s discuss how to find an awesome SEO company and stay within your budget.


First, you need to make inquiries about the years of experiences of the companies. Not only the theoretical knowledge but in SEO the practical know-how matters a lot. An experienced SEO company will provide much better services.


Second, there are a couple questions you should ask any search engine marketing agency.


1. Are you affiliated with any search engine companies?

2. Can you guarantee that our sales and, hence, our profits, will shoot up?

3. Do you know what the criteria of search engines are for my website to be indexed?

If the SEO firm you have in mind says yes to any of these questions, do not trust your internet marketing to them.


Those were trick questions!


Technology changes at lightning speeds and so does digital marketing techniques. It’s essential to have a basic understanding of the process. Also, you must also make it a point to explore their portfolio to get an idea about their potential to promote a website on the web. You should check the page rank of their official website too to get an idea about their ability.


If they can’t manage to get good rankings for themselves, how can you expect them to provide good rankings for you?

Start getting your own good rankings.

Baltimore Search Engine Optimization Company

SEO Company Pricing


Pricing of search engine optimization companies will vary, but remember there’s no one-size-fits-all. Going with the most inexpensive provider isn’t always the best option.


Search engine optimization is an investment into your business’s online future and health. Google will probably be around for a long time, and as long as people are going to purchase things, they’ll look for them online.


Take some time; consider all the other factors such as:

  • Their commitment towards a result
  • Usual turn around time rate of success
  • Quality of Resources
  • Transparency


While taking the price factor into account. It is good to go for direct referrals. In case you don’t get any, you can visit online directories where you will find a list of service providers along with their contact details. An authentic source will always help you find the right professional.


Make your search keeping all the mentioned factors in mind to get the best out of your expense for search engine optimization of your website.

Get the best SEO for your website.

Baltimore Search Engine Marketing Company

What SEO Agencies Do


Generally speaking, Search engine optimization is a long-term process. SEO companies have a lot of work to do making sure your website updated; and stays updated. Due to the increase in the number of companies and their websites increasing competition is getting fierce in all fields.


The value of SEO agencies is steadily increasing. In the cluttered online world, getting to the top of search engines without proper SEO is almost impossible.


SEO Companies:


  1. Optimize social media pages
  2. Build optimized citations
  3. Create and find links your website needs
  4. Manage on-page SEO for your website
  5. Update websites based on Google updates
  6. Create content based around  SEO & copywriting
  7. Analyze your competition and ensure you’re staying ahead of them

Among many other things.

Get my website’s SEO done by Norther Maryland SEO Experts.


Difference In SEO Packages


There are numerous types of SEO packages, all coming in different plans and rates. While staying within your financial bounds is necessary, don’t rely solely on how much the investment is. Affordable SEO services now are providing customers with really affordable SEO packages, but missing a customized touch.


Your website and its competition are unique. While discount SEO packages can help, they don’t usually offer the best solutions for your business.


Affordable SEO packages have made many SEO firms to provide various services and solutions for customers needs.


As an example, we’ve broken out our citation building and social media optimization services specifically at customers’ requests.


Frequently the less expensive SEO services make sure that an increased potential for visibility will be accomplished.


Based on the necessities and requests and the business owners running that company, SEO companies must provide every one of the services that will greatly assist the popularity regarding searches on the net.


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I want to start dominating my competition.

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Is Your Yellow Pages Advertising Effective?

How to tell if your Yellow Pages advertising is effective and if you should do it at all


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You can tell if your Yellow Pages advertising is effective when you make more money than you spend on the listing. Sounds easy? Think again.

There are plenty of businesses that still advertise with Yellow Pages. We’re definitely not here to tell you not to – advertising your business is definitely a great idea. More eyes on your business should equal more customers to your business. But with Yellow Pages, things can get a little tricky.

To track your Yellow Pages ad listing and make sure it’s effective, you’ll need a couple tools:


  • Google Analytics – It’s the standard on the internet, and you should be using it. Set up a goal for your yellow pages ad.
  • A link tracker like – They’re our go-to, you can use branded links (which increase conversion).
  • Some form of call tracking link – You’ll need to track the calls from your ad, and you don’t want to ask every single time you get a phone call.


If you’re paying $300 a month (or more) for a listing, you want to make sure it’s helping your business. $300 a month can go a long way for a local business in Facebook advertising, and on Facebook, you can target exactly who you want to target with your ads. So…let’s get started with the set-up.


First, set a goal and plan what you want your customers to do.


You know goals are important to your business, and they’re important to advertising too. Do you really want to spend money that’s not bringing in a return? You could probably figure out a better use for your money, couldn’t you?

Thinking through what you want your customer to do helps you reach the goals you set for your YP ad. Once your goals are set and you know the path you want your customers to take

Thinking through what you want your customer to do helps you reach the goals you set for your YP ad. Once your goals are set and you know the path you want your customers to take


Set Up Your Tools

We start by setting up out Google Analytics, and Callfire. There are tons of other tools you could use, but let’s stick with the basics.


Google Analytics

Hopefully, your website analytics are already set up; but if they’re not, make sure whoever runs your website installs analytics as soon as possible. Next, we’re going to set up a funnel and a goal inside analytics.

Assuming you have a Google Analytics account (if you don’t, sign up for one), sign into your account. You’re going to click into “All Website Data” and look for the tab that says “Admin.” It’ll look like this


Google Analytics for YP Ads

Google Analytics for YP Ads


Inside the admin section, look for the menu that says “View.” Under that menu, click on the “Goal” link.


Google Analytics Ads for YP

Google Analytics Ads for YP


Did you make that goal from before? Good, now click “New Goal.” The button should look like this


New Goal for Yellow Pages

New Goal for Yellow Pages


Now it’s time to set the type of goal. Generally, sticking to destination goals are best for businesses.


Pick A Goal In Analytics for YP Ads

Pick A Goal In Analytics for YP Ads


Insert the specific web page your customer hits after achieving the specific goal. Thank you pages generally work well – they aren’t reachable from the homepage and customers have to perform specific actions to get to them. Work through all the options:


  • How much each new customers is generally worth
  • What funnel set up you have to get to your specific “goal page”


Then click continue.


Goal Set Up for YP article

Goal Set Up for YP article


Just a side note, you don’t need to enter your entire URL. You just have to enter what comes after the “.com.” As an example:

Your “goal page” is That will be your destination page. You’ll set “Equals To” /thank-you/. Now the pages customers need to go through to get to are:




The pages customers need to go through to get to your thank you page is called your “Funnel.” Set your funnel steps to, / (for homepage), /contact-us/ (for contact us page) and lastly /thank-you/ for your thank you page. Now you funnel’s set up.

Once your goal is set up in Google Analytics and your funnel’s set up, it’s time to move on to setting up the next tool.


Bitly is a link tracking tool, and it’s free. Sign up for an account (if you don’t have one already) and create a custom, traceable link for your Yellow Pages profile.

*Side note, for SEO purposes, we strongly recommend your Yellow Pages directory website link is to your homepage, but we’re not here for SEO, we’re here to track our ad spend.

Once your Bitly account is up and running, you’re going to create a link. To create a link, click on the “Create Bitlink” button.


Create Bitlink for YP Ads

Create Bitlink for YP Ads


After you do, a sidebar will pop-up. Enter the URL you want to track (homepage or other) into the box called “Paste Long URL.” This will give you a traceable link.


Long URL for YP Ads

Long URL for YP Ads


The URL Bitly spits out will be the URL you add to your Yellow Pages “website” box. You’ll know how many times this link is clicked on. From now on, you’re tracking if anything’s happening with your YP ad.


Call Fire


This should be the simplest of the three tools. Sign up for an account, get your phone number (stick with local if your company has only one location) and forward this number to your business’ phone line.

Add this number to your Yellow Pages listing only (you don’t want to skew the data). Call Fire does cost a little money, but after the initial fee, you’re only paying per call – add that cost to your advertising spend with Yellow Pages.

You’re all done with tracking tools.


How To Know If Your Advertising Is Worth It Or Not


Since you’re tracking what’s happening with your add, from now on you’ll know what your Yellow Pages ad is actually doing.

We think it’s a beautiful day when you’re marketing is focused on results; don’t you? Finally, you get to figure out if it’s “worth it” or not.

It’s everyone’s favorite time

Math Time


Money out vs. money in is the simplest way to figure it out. How much are you spending on the advertising compared to how much the ad is bringing in? With all your tracking set up, you’ll know which customers that call, visit your website and become customers are from Yellow Pages.

If you have a Yellow Pages ad, aren’t you in a 1-year contract? Set the tracking up and check on it bi-weekly or monthly until your contract is up for renewal. Then you’ll know if it’s worth it to renew or not. Best of luck!

– Reliably,


PS. Are you looking for a marketing company focused our your growth and success? That’s who we are. Do you want to learn more about us and what our style of marketing can do for your business? Learn more here and get this article sent to you.


If you’re interested in applying to become a client of a marketing firm who’s #1 goal is your business winning, click here.


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Can SEO Really 10x Your Charles Village Business?

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Today, the internet is where most people go for everything. As a business owner running your business, you have to stay on top of the latest marketing techniques. Whatever was hot yesterday, becomes obsolete quickly today.

E-mail used to be the premium form of communication in the “old days” of internet marketing. Today, email marketing usually sits on the backburner compared to emergent technologies such as social media. E-mail is less used compared to Facebook or Twitter, but still should be a part of your internet marketing methods.

The way consumers use the internet is changing constantly changing, lots of companies are outsourcing their marketing. Companies that to stay abreast with emerging and evolving internet marketing technologies and have developed their niche in specific areas are usually called upon.

Instead of getting advertising and marketing assistance from traditional advertising and marketing firms, companies – large and small, even individuals – seek the help of firms designed for specific niches.

SEO firms are one of those kinds of companies. SEO agencies help businesses with their sales and profit goals. Nowadays, businesses no longer vie for the best store location or the best sales and marketing campaign there is. They now vie for the top spot in search engines to be able to generate the most traffic or visitors with the hopes of turning them into customers.

Having your website propelled on top of the search engines takes planning and strategizing to be able to have it accomplished.

Baltimore Search Engine Optimization Company

Reliable SEO Firms


A reliable SEO firm can help you reach the top of the search engines. However, there have been SEO firms sprouting up like mushrooms, giving you numerous, but confusing choices; especially if your prospective SEO firm promises you a lot of good things to come. The question now is:
How will you be able to determine that you are about to get the services of a good SEO firm?

To be able to gauge if your business’s website is going to be taken care of by a good SEO firm, you need to have a set of criteria. Here are the questions that you need to ask them to judge:

1. Are you affiliated with search engine companies?

2. Can you guarantee that our sales and, hence, our profits, will shoot up?

3. Do you know what the criteria of search engines are for my website to be indexed?

If your prospect SEO firm says yes to any of these questions, DO NOT entrust your internet marketing campaign to them.

Those were trick questions!

First, no SEO company is affiliated with search engine companies. Google, Bing, Yandex etc don’t give any special treatment to anyone. You can’t buy an organic spot, and not one has an “in” to any of these companies.

Second, no one can guarantee if your sales will, indeed, shoot up since advertising efforts are not made to predict sales. Can any other type of marketing guarantee sales? Search engine optimization is no different.

And third, no one knows the secrets of search engines. Their spiders crawl your website and determine whether it is credible or not, and no one knows the secrets except for those people developing them. They’re very dynamic and always changing.

Check out our FAQs page for more questions you can ask SEO companies.


Baltimore SEO Agency

Advantages of choosing SEO firm


The reason for choosing a firm to further your business online makes sense in various ways. While a website designer will provide more local flavors and functionalities targeted to local clientele, an SEO firm can do so much more.

They will:

Get the local search engines to work on driving target online traffic to your website
Bring in more local customers to your website

As an example, if you’re running a local investment firm, you’ll usually need to get local people interested in your investment products and services. Hence, accordingly, the keywords needed to install in the ads and content that is marketed online so that more local customers get to notice the presence of the firm. If you target a global audience when you can only work out a specific region, then your effort in SEO marketing will be futile.

Such decisions are better left to the experts so that you can rest easy, knowing that the firm employed is fully employing the latest strategies in getting the best response for your business.

The contracts that are formed with such firms should have terms mentioned as to how the firms may show their competence as per increase in sales and by what percentage. In this way, the SEO firms may become strategic partners of such businesses so that in furthering their client’s business, one will get to earn higher commissions.

SEO firms nowadays are in great demand, and if you choose a reputed firm, then you’re at an advantage.

Having the right SEO firm to help you with your online presence will play a very big factor in your online business success.


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