Organic SEO Case Study

Over 4,000 new website visitors in first 3 months and on track to get an 804% increase in website leads (year over year) for a leading HVAC contractor in Baltimore

Here’s the rundown (and the live report):

4 Month Search Campaign

(October – January)

4,398 Site Visitors

(October – December)

159,804+ Search Impressions

(Since Campaign Start)

257+ Organic Website Leads and counting

(Since Campaign Start)

How to read the search results report

Unfortunately, we don’t have the call and sales numbers because we’d love to see how our work has impacted their business.

How Did It Happen?

Beginning their campaign (like everyone we do), we started with on-page SEO. Making sure your website is read correctly by search engine robots is extremely important to the work you’re going to accomplish off the website.

Think of on-page like the engine in a car. Making sure the engine can handle the gas you’re going to put into the car and the trip you’re going to take.

The on-page SEO took about a month and a half to (officially) complete. Pages were created, added and revised to accommodate the search phrases (keywords) we were going after.

Our On-Page Checklist:

  • Deep Website Audit

    Think of this like you would a full anti-virus scan of your computer. With so many moving parts to a website and over 200 ranking factors, we like to make sure the most important get’s fixed first. Those are the most important things that are going to have the biggest impact.

  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

    When people go to Google and search something, the first impression they have of your business is the title and description of your page. Making sure it relates to what is on your pages and intrigues people enough to click on your site is important. It’s not really a ranking factor anymore, but it’s still important to the people looking for you.

  • URL Structure & Page Building

    You won’t show up in search for terms that aren’t on your website. In this case, making sure you have the proper pages (like an air conditioning page) is extremely important.

  • Increasing Dwell Time

    One of the biggest ranking factors these days is how people interact with your site. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important part of Search Engine Domination.

  • Fix Technical Errors

    Most (if not all) sites have technical errors that can be fixed. In the first month, we fixed the glaringly obvious (for us) ones that had the biggest impact. For example, robot.txt files, sitemaps, dead URLs etc.

  • Keyword Intent Matching

    The keyword you’re going after and using on your site might not be the best ones for your business. In our opinion, the best ones for your business are the ones that end up with paying customers. Believe it or not, there is a difference of intent with air conditioner installer near me (more individual business sites) vs. air conditioner installers near me (more review sites and articles).

Exploding Results

The real fun began after the on-page was taken care of.

Off-page is special skill lots of companies try their best to get right. Mostly, it’s

  • Creating things people want to promote for you
  • Reaching out to people who own websites to ask them to promote you
  • Cultivating the relationships you’ve built

Promoting on relevant blogs, magazines and news outlets brought in the bulk of the results of this campaign.

Campaign On Pause

3 months is a short time for SEO to work. We generally have 9-12 month engagements with all of our clients.

But, there were special circumstances in this case, and we’ll pick up the campaign later on this year.

What’s Next

There’s a lot more content that can be made for the site to bring in people. The majority of the articles would be for branding and not immediate sales.

Technical SEO is also needed for this project. A lot of work will be done with:

  • Site Structure
  • Meta Testing
  • On-Site Linking
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Error Forensics
  • Speed Acceleration
  • Search Auditing

and probably more.

We look forward to our continued relationship with the Elmar team and their continued, and growing, success.

What’s Next For You?

Are you ready to start dominating your market and increase your website leads by 400% or more?

Be warned, not all business that apply “make the cut.” We’re very selective with who we work.

We only work with 15 companies in an industry and never compete with our past or present clients. Once you’re a client and we handle work on a long-term advertising investment strategy together, you’re a client for life – even after our initial project is concluded. That means we don’t work in the same city twice in the same industry.

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