Make Google send you 1,000’s more people to your website every month and double (at least) your revenue with our 3 step SEO system…

Other businesses have also:

  • Easily defend their top spot in Google from a massive publically traded company


  • Steadily brought in 274.22% more customers (not just visitors) to their website per month (every month)

From the desk of Adam Leech:

Dear small business owners who’ve struggled to bring in customers with their website,

Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed a 3 step system that’s helped small business owners like you FINALLY make their website into a money making machine.

A short backstory story on us…

I (Adam) worked for my father’s commercial door supply business for 10 years.  I spent my free time building websites and helping clients with their online marketing.

The biggest thing clients were doing was chasing new apps, but never really getting traction.

I decided to specialize in SEO.  If you control the amount of customers going to your website, you can write your own ticket.

In 2016, I decided to start an agency and help small businesses like yours start writing those tickets.

Here’s a picture of the first keyword I ranked for this website:

Charles Village SEO

SEO is a competitive world that’s always changing.  Just because you were an expert in it 6 months ago doesn’t mean you are today.

If you’re still relying on things you learned over a year ago, you’re WAY behind…

Every day, something new is changing with Google. You’ve been trying to stay on top of it for your business…

…isn’t it more than a little overwhelming?

Want to know the biggest secret among SEO agencies you’ve probably never heard before?

If they don’t tell you what you should expect, you won’t know what to expect.

Let that sink in for a minute…

What does that mean?

That means:

  • If they tell you “you’ll get better rankings,” you don’t actually know where those rankings will be
  • If they combine “better rankings” with ads, you’ll never know if the SEO is doing anything for you
  • If you don’t know if the SEO is doing anything for you, you don’t know if it helps your business or not
  • And if you don’t know if that helps your business or not, you don’t know if you should keep paying them (or not)

And you want to hear the real kicker? Contracts get signed all the time so you can’t stop paying them for SEO…

…even if you WANTED to!

Can we do something like that if specialize in SEO and that’s all we do?

Definitely not! You (and those agencies) come to us for one thing – and we earn our keep, month after month.

We have what we call “The Ground Rules.”

No contracts here

Because we specialize, we’re constantly testing (like mad scientists) different ways to rank your website.

Specializing allows us to focus.  We bring you the cutting-edge to keep your business ahead of your competition.

Getting you to the first page is guaranteed (or it’s free).

But that isn’t enough.  We’re experts in online sales copy too.

Meaning we’ll rank you in Google


We can write sales copy to breath life into your website and turn visitors into raving fans that stampede over each other to give you their money.


Our sales copy will:

  • Make your clients heads-turn
  • Stops them in their tracks
  • Draws them in
  • Forces them to listen to what you have to say
  • Shows them undeniable proof you’re the right business for them
  • Get their adrenaline pumping


Give them an irresistible offer that no sane person could refuse!

(Godfather reference not included in all websites)


Giving our clients an added advantage over their competition.  Think about it…

…you’ll outrank your competitor and out convert them too.

Will they ever have a fighting chance again?

“This guy really knows his stuff.  Adam is a top notch, honest professional that gets the job done right.  Highly recommended.”

Brian BroasOwner of Broas Digital

We’ve got just one more question for you. If you’re not on the first page of Google, who is?

No, that’s not a trick question.

Depending on the industry you’re in, that first page can be valuable.

VERY valuable.

Anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year. Yes, you read that right…

Millions of dollars a year

Here’s an example:

You’re a cosmetic surgeon and you’re looking for new customers. You turn to SEO.

You bring in 2-3 more clients per month for gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass runs from anywhere from 20,000- 35,000.

3 people x 35,000 per procedure = 105,000 more per month

105,000 more per month x 12 months a year = OVER A MILLION MORE DOLLARS

You won’t be in business just for one year, will you?

Let’s be conservative.

You’re bringing in:

3 more clients per month x 12 months a year x 5 years = ALL THE MILLIONS YOUR COMPETITORS ARE STEALING FROM YOU

Just because they invested in their SEO…

“Adam has a deep understanding of SEO.  He gets the job done right and I’d highly recommend him.”

Kevin StatomOwner of OTZ Marketing

SEO facts you won’t believe are true

but they are!


  • Organic listings get 90% of all the clicks from a Google search
  • 33% of all Google search clicks go to the #1 listed site
  • #2 get’s 17% of all the clicks from a search
  • #3 get’s 11% (more than the people who paid for ads)
  • The other 19% is given evenly to the rest of the first page
  • Less than 1 person out of 10 clicks an ad (do you?)
  • Less than 1 person out of 10 even make it off the first page (do you?)

Think about a Google listing like this:

The biggest website comes to you and asks, “do you want to advertise with me?”  Here’s what they promise you:

  • You invest in your ad for 6-9 months
  • From then on, 4 out of 10 people will go to your website when they see your ad
  • If you make a good ad it could stay up for years at no extra cost
  • If you make a good ad you could show up in dozens of other ad listings free of charge
  • People on this website are searching for you and want to hear from you
  • The people who see your ad know you’re the best around because you beat everyone else


  • The people who go to your website from your ad are more likely to buy from you because you’re the best around

Can you keep letting your competitors take your customers from right under your nose, year after year, even if you’re not a cosmetic surgeon?

“Adam does amazing work.  His skills in internet marketing are excellent.  I’d recommend him to anyone wanting more business.”

Ben RodriguesOwner of Avidity Digital Marketing

Ready to get started?

“I highly recommend Adam as a search engine expert.  He not only meets but exceeds clients’ expectations.  He has in-depth knowledge of SEO and digital media and is very dedicated all his clients.”

Mitch BarneyOwner of 777 Digital


Businesses are investing in SEO right now.  They’re:

  • Doubling their sales
  • Forcing Google to send 1000’s more targeted customers to their websites every month

Remember, SEO is only for business investing in their long-term growth.

The sooner you start, the faster you’re able to show up when your customers are searching for businesses like yours.  You’ll be able to cement your spot against your competitors.

Let us ask you something: are you going to keep waiting, being overwhelmed

Are you going to keep waiting, being overwhelmed with everything moving so fast (like most business owners)?


Are you going to get this handled so you can focus on working on your business?

What’s the cost of a decline in sales or lack of growth to your business?  What’s the cost of pretending things will get better, but never actually making things better because of fear?

Adam is an outstanding individual.  His ability to focus in on what’s necessary for a digital marketing campaign never ceases to amaze me.  Adam is the asset you need for your SEO to destroy your competition.  Highly recommend.

Joshua BlanchardChief Executive Officer at Search Rigger