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What you start your opening paragraph with. Example:

  • Dear Small Business Owner
  • Dear Struggling Small Business Owner
  • If you’re ever struggled to bring in customers to your business through the internet, wondered why you have a business website in the first place because it doesn’t do anything for you, been afraid to hire someone to hire a person or a company to work on your website because you don’t want to get ripped off or never started working on it because it takes too much time; then you’re about to read the website you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Here’s why…

It can be one sentence, or it can be one paragraph. It should let the reader know what they’re about to gain from reading it, what criteria are set for the intended reader and reinforce what you talked about in your headline.

If you’ve ever written marketing copy that didn’t sell anything, been frustrated with all the ‘moving parts’ of writing marketing copy, could never figure out how to write marketing copy in the first place or have read tons on how to write marketing copy in the past but could never seem to get it right; this is the letter you’ve been waiting for all these years. Here’s why…

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Encompasses the majority of your marketing copy. It contains:

Research is key to writing magnetic marketing copy that outsells all the salespeople you have on staff; combined. Forums, customer surveys, keyword research, question and answer sessions, competitor forums, competitor webinars, competitor facebook pages all are great places to research for your marketing copy. Think about any place your customer can ask a question. The P.S. comes at the very end.

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A good rule for subheads is they should be benefits. Subheads lead paragraphs within your copy.

  • Most people scan copy first, subheads stand out
  • Subheads give reasons people should read your copy

People are going to glance at your headings first, then decide if they want to read your copy based on the attention your subheads drew.

The “Secret Sauce” of Marketing Pros

How Persuasion Is More Important Than Selling

How Storytelling Does More To Persuade Than “Telling” The Benefits

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Builds Rapport

People like three kinds of people:

  1. Those who are like them
  2. Those they would like to be
  3. Those who like them back

Rapport demonstrates that you know the reader’s pain, you understand the problem and that you have some common experiences you share that prove you understand the pain.

Have you spent countless hours combing through business book after business book, like most small business owners, trying to piece together a template for marketing copy?

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Bulleted Lists

Identify a single benefit of your product or service. If it’s in a specific subhead, a good idea is to give benefits for that specific subhead. Think of bullets like sniper shots, they’re laser targeted for a very specific benefit.

  • This one “Magic Building Block” increased conversion by 2x
  • Building block brought in 137% more revenue in 5 weeks
  • 154 more people subscribed to an email list creating $53,829 more revenue over the last year

[Block #9]


Ansering the question, “Why should I listen to what this person has to say?”

Over the last year, using these “Magic Building Blocks” I’ve created over the last year has increased my business 5x, over $500,827 in revenue.

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Third party verification of who you are, what you do and what you’re claiming. A video, then photographs, then audio, then text are the order of most to least effective testimonials. 

Adam diligently worked through a marketing plan with us, then implimented it to perfection – Sam Goodman

If you don’t have any testimonials, quotes by famous people relating to your product/service work well too.

“You can have everything you want in life if you will help enough people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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Value Justification

The goal of your copy is to demonstrate 10x price vs. value to your buyer. Your goal is to highlight the value of your offer and do it in a way that contrasts favorably to the price.

Think of this scenario:

You’re a business that brings in 100-200 visitors a month to your website and you 5-10 people buy from your website every month. If you can double that to 10-20 people just by writing better marketing copy, would you?

What if those 5 people per month brought in $20 of profit to your business, totaling $100-200 per month. You doubled that to $200-400 per month, just by writing better marketing copy, would you?

That’s 60-120 more people per year, $2400-4800 more in profit per year; year after year.

With that scenario in mind, we wanted these marketing copy building blocks to be accessible to everyone, so we made it 67. Would you trade 67 one time to get 100 m0nthly?

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Risk Reversal

Generally, this is a guarantee. Your job in the risk reversal is to take all the risk off the shoulders of your customers, and put it on your shoulders; so they feel like they’re not taking a risk at all.

We’re so confident in these 15 “Magic Building Blocks,” that we’re not offering a money back guarantee. After you use the building blocks on your website, and you don’t see an increase in sales, we’ll do one month’s worth of your copywriting for you for free. All the risk is out of your hands. Time is the most precious asset, and we don’t do consultations with anyone because we’re busy working on our business. We value the trust you put in us, and we’re going to trust you to use the building blocks before you let us know they aren’t working.

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A related but unexpected gift that enhances the value of your offer. The keywords are related & unexpected.

As a thank you for making it this far down our letter, from February 7th, 2017 until April 1, 2017, we’re including our copywriting Book Camp free! The copywriting book camp alone sells for $37, day in and day out.

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Call To Action

Ask the reader to do what you want them to do.

Click here to invest in the 15 “Magic Building Blocks” and start pulling in double the customers today!

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Have one or three P.S’s, that’s it. As a general rule, stick to one. The P.S. is a concise sentence – paragraph that summarizes the entire letter. It clearly sums up the top benefit, has a call to action and a link to the order form/next step:

Right now, your toughest competitors are using these ‘Magic Building Blocks’ to generate sales online over and over again. They’re taking the customers that would be coming to your business if you were using these ‘Magic Building Blocks.’ Are you going to continue to wait? Are you going to keep losing sales? Are you going to lose out on all the repeat business new customers bring you year after year? How much is that hurting your business right now? Click here to get these 15 Magic Building Blocks to writing marketing copy that sells and continues to sell, time after time, year after year.