Hacking‘s getting worse: How to protect your small business’s cyber security

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Can you imagine someone hacking your website, then breaking into your email and stealing all your personal info?

And if that wasn’t enough, can you imagine someone hacking your site, stealing your customer’s information and doing the same thing to them?

No? Here’s a fun fact:

68% of small businesses have been attacked in some way in the last 12 months. Unfortunately, whether you’re going to be attacked isn’t the question, the question is when.

Can you hear the Cyber Sharks coming?

If that weren’t bad enough, only 10% of businesses are prepared. What’s worst, 60% of small companies that do get hacked don’t survive – they go out of business within 6 months.

What a cyber attack can do…

Are you up for a quick story?

It was early Friday when Rick Snow got to work.

By all standards, this was a normal day. Everything was running smooth with the business and he cut checks for all his employees.

Just another normal Friday.

Today, Rick decided to work late and check his bank account – just to get a sense of how the business was doing.

Rick pulled up his bank website, entered his name and password and signed on. He clicked on his account to see the balance and…

His stomach dropped.

What the hell??? Where’s everything?

Imagine what Rick felt when he logged into his account and he read $0.00.

Where’d all the business’s money go? Are my employees going to get paid? How could this happen?

How do cyber attacks happen?

To make it simple, either the hacker finds a weakness in your website/system or you let them in unknowingly. Here’s the basic overview:

One of the basic ways for WordPress is finding your log-in page (yourwebsite.com/wp-admin usually), and try the most common passwords. It happens a lot more often than you think. We pulled this from a website that we just started to manage.

Login attacks on a website

Hackers trying to break in

Someone is repeatedly trying common usernames and passwords to access the site. A “login attack” is just one of the possible types of attacks on your website.

Are you monitoring your site? Would you know if something like this was happening?

If not, you’re not alone.

25.11 million businesses in the US don’t use data protection for company or customer information. Cybersecurity for small businesses is definitely important. And for some businesses, that could be as simple as installing HTTPS on their website to secure their customers browsing.