Have you thought about investing in SEO for your business in Washington DC? Are you falling behind your competition online?

How did one business make Google send them 9,160 more people to their website per month (every month), double their revenue and start getting calls from the Wall Street Journal all from SEO?

Have you started your SEO yet?

This same business:

  • Easily defended its top spot in Google from a massive publically traded company that had a huge marketing budget


  • Steadily brings in 274.22% more customers (not just visitors) to their website per month (every month)

To all small business owners who’ve been struggling with their SEO and haven’t found a marketing agency to get you the results you want,

The name of this company is kept in confidence. But we can tell you the story of when they first started their SEO.

When they started their SEO over a year ago they had a major problem.

Charles had the same problem.

Charles and Victoria aren’t real people but their traits are absolutely real and based on real business owners.

Charles runs his own pediatric office. He’s been in business for over 15 years. He loves helping families (especially young children) and his clients love him too.

Things weren’t so complicated in 2002.  Back then doing a good job was enough.  Clients would talk to their friends and let them know about Charles.

Who’s your sons doctor and are they any good?

Charles and he’s the best!

Their friends would hear about Charles and they’d come in just on their friends’ recommendation.

“Those were the good ole days,”

Charles sometimes says.

Now, things have changed. Everything and everyone has gone online…

Charles’ customers’ still love him but he doesn’t see not as many come in like they used to.

“Hardly anyone knows about my office because everyone’s moving around so much.”

“And almost no one tells their friends about me.  People just go online to and check Google for a doctor…”

Charles tells his friend Victoria.

“Everyone’s head down in a screen. People just don’t talk like it used to.

Now, it seems like I always have to worry about being online and keeping up with social media.”

Being on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for his business has helped some.  He still feels like something’s missing.

Charles’ been having trouble bringing in new customers.  He talks to his friend Victoria about it.

Victoria runs a private practice dentist office.  She’s had ups and downs bringing in new customers online too.  Things have been going great for her recently.

“It was hard for me at first.”

She says.

“My website brings most of my new clients in now.”


Charles asks.

“I’m busier than ever just trying to post on my Facebook page everyday.  How does your website bring in new customers for you?”

Victoria tells him her little secret

“Well… I invested in an SEO company.

Before I found the company I’m with now, I worked with two companies that cold called me.  They didn’t work out well.

The first company didn’t do anything.  I paid them for 6 months and didn’t see anything happen.

The second company…

…just totally screwed up my website.”

Those two marketing companies:

  • Redid my site and ignored all the work I did.  I didn’t even need a new site
  • Made ads that were completely useless with Google AdWords and told me it would help my SEO
  • Didn’t even give me a plan showing what they’d do to help my website

VICKY! I don’t want that to happen to me!  That’s why I’ve been so nervous to work with an SEO agency…

…and I don’t have the time to learn it all myself.  What did you do next? How did you find the agency you’re working with now???”

Doubling your sales in less than one year with SEO…is that really possible?

Let’s take a quick break from Charles’ story.  Do you remember the company that doubled their revenue in one year?  Here’s a chart of the company’s monthly website visits:

Search Engine Results

From 1,932 people per month visiting their site to 11,092 people per month, all from Google.

That’s an increase of over 570% in 11 months!

How did that happen? Their website’s SEO focused on:

  • Three “money” search terms their customers use when they’re looking to buy something immediately
  • Ten search terms their customers are researching right before they buy something soon
  • Revising the website based on how their customers used it
  • Only focusing on one “keyword” per page
  • Making sure Google could read exactly what each website page is about
  • Linking pages together to show Google the site was easy to use
  • Keeping links to other sites at a maximum of three per page
  • Making sure they got links from other websites
  • Using their website combined with social media and reviews to build a stronger brand their customers trusted more

Think about the difference when you’re Googling, “how to patch a hole in the wall” versus, “construction company to fix my wall.”

One you’re searching for information to use yourself (traffic keyword).  One you’re searching for a company to do it for you (money keyword).

SEO is two things:

  1. Figuring out what your customers are searching for
  2. Showing up when your customers search for websites like yours

Let’s get back to Charles

Charles is still talking to Victoria and he asks her…

How’d you find a company that you trust?  How did you know they’d be reliable and get you results without taking your money and doing nothing?

Charles that’s a great question.

The first thing I did was stop taking cold calls!

But seriously, I looked for a company that:

  • Cared about my business and researched what I needed
  • Gave me a custom plan and showed me what actual results should look like
  • Didn’t make promises that were “too good to be true”
  • Gave me the tough details upfront and let me know SEO wasn’t a short-term fix, but a long-term investment
  • Had public testimonials from other business owners I could reach out to

“If you want to take your website on top of Google then Adam is the guy for you.  With his deep knowledge of SEO, he is able to give you long term rankings and great ROI.  Keep up the good work, Adam!”

Rami MalakaBusiness Consultant

The testimonials were most important Charles,

They really cared about my business and made sure I was taken care of.

I could trust them to do a great job because they are for other people.

“I highly recommend Adam as a search engine expert.  He not only meets but exceeds clients’ expectations.  He has in-depth knowledge of SEO and digital media and is very dedicated all his clients.”

Mitch BarneyOwner of 777 Digital

“Adam does amazing work.  His skills in internet marketing are excellent.  I’d recommend him to anyone wanting more business.”

Ben RodriguesOwner of Avidity Digital Marketing

Now my website brings in new patients automatically and I don’t have to worry about playing the social media game unless I want to!

Can you relate to Charles? Are you overwhelmed with SEO and don’t have the time to keep up with all the constant changes yourself?

SEO is a competitive world that’s always changing.  Just because you were an expert in it 6 months ago doesn’t mean you are today.

If you’re still relying on things you learned over a year ago, you’re WAY behind…

Every day, something new is changing with Google and you’ve been trying to stay on top of it for your business.

Isn’t it more than a little overwhelming?

We’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO – getting your website to show up over all your competitors when your customers are searching for it.

We get asked by our clients

Why specialize? Why not just do it all?

Like the old saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.

Would you want a physician to do your brain surgery?  They’re both doctors…

…but one specializes and has expertise in ONE THING.

Just as an example of our current rankings:

Charles Village SEO
Northern Maryland SEO Expert

If you click on those pictures, you’d see they’re current.

Now a short backstory story on us…

Tharros Media started differently than most agencies.

Adam (the founder) worked for his father’s commercial door supply business for 10 years.  He spent his free time building websites and helping clients with their online marketing.

The biggest thing his clients were doing was chasing new apps, but never really getting traction.

He decided to specialize in SEO.  If you control traffic you can write your own ticket.

He decided in 2016 to start an agency to help other small businesses start writing those tickets.

“Adam has a deep understanding of SEO.  He gets the job done right and I’d highly recommend him.”

Kevin StatomOwner of OTZ Marketing

“This guy really knows his stuff.  Adam is a top notch, honest professional that gets the job done right.  Highly recommended.”

Brian BroasOwner of Broas Digital

Can I ask you a question, have you noticed most SEO agencies don’t share client information publically?

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Once we (SEO agencies) know what your website is, we can backtrack everything you did stealing your competitive advantage.

Plus, Google wants you to pay for their ads.  Since they’re a company, they can rank anyone for anything they want…

…or take you out of their listings  altogether.

And Google doesn’t always play nice with SEO agencies.  They even run ads against SEO agencies…

Where’s the love Google?

Google Ads Spend

Maybe we’re a paranoid bunch, but we prefer to keep our clients confidential.  Plus, it’s extra protection for you and your website.

Think of Google like a librarian.  You ask a question and they tell you where that website is.  If they don’t like your website, they won’t mention it to their customer (the searcher).

Want to know the biggest secret you’ve probably never heard before among SEO agencies…

If they don’t tell you what you should expect you won’t know what to expect.

Let that sink in for a minute…

What does that mean?

That means:

  • If they tell you “you’ll get better rankings,” you don’t actually know where those rankings will be
  • If they combine “better rankings” with ads, you’ll never know if the SEO is doing anything for you
  • If you don’t know if the SEO is doing anything for you, you don’t know if it helps your business or not
  • And if you don’t know if that helps your business or not, you don’t know if you should keep paying them (or not)

And you want to hear the real kicker.  You probably signed a contract with them so you can’t stop paying them for SEO…

…even if you WANTED to!

Can we do something like that if specialize in SEO and that’s all we do?

Definitely not! You (and those agencies) come to us for one thing and we earn our keep, month after month.

We have what we call “The Ground Rules.”

No contracts here

Because we specialize, we’re constantly testing (like mad scientists) different ways to rank.

Specializing allows us to focus.  We bring you the most cutting-edge techniques to keep your business ahead of your competition.

Getting you to the first page is guaranteed (or it’s free).

But that isn’t enough.  We’re experts in online sales copy too.

Meaning we’ll rank you in Google


We can write sales copy to breath life into your website and turn visitors into raving fans that stampede over each other to give you their money.


Our sales copy will:

  • Make your clients heads-turn
  • Stops them in their tracks
  • Draws them in
  • Forces them to listen to what you have to say
  • Shows them undeniable proof you’re the right business for them
  • Get their adrenaline pumping


Give them an irresistible offer that no sane person could refuse!

(Godfather reference not included in all websites)


Giving our clients an added advantage over their competition.  Think about it…

…you’ll outrank your competitor and out convert them too.

Will they ever have a fighting chance again?

We’ve got just one more question for you. If you’re not on the first page of Google, who is?

No, that’s not a trick question.

Depending on the industry you’re in, that first page can be valuable.

VERY valuable.

Anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year. Yes, you read that right…

Millions of dollars a year

Here’s an example:

You’re a cosmetic surgeon and you’re looking for new customers. You turn to SEO.

You bring in 2-3 more clients per month for gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass runs from anywhere from 20,000- 35,000.

3 people x 35,000 per procedure = 105,000 more per month

105,000 more per month x 12 months a year = OVER A MILLION MORE DOLLARS

You won’t be in business just for one year, will you?

Let’s be conservative.

You’re bringing in:

3 more clients per month x 12 months a year x 5 years = ALL THE MILLIONS YOUR COMPETITORS ARE STEALING FROM YOU

Just because they invested in their SEO…

SEO facts you won’t believe are true

but they are!


  • Organic listings get 90% of all the clicks from a Google search
  • 33% of all Google search clicks go to the #1 listed site
  • #2 get’s 17% of all the clicks from a search
  • #3 get’s 11% (more than the people who paid for ads)
  • The other 19% is given evenly to the rest of the first page
  • Less than 1 person out of 10 clicks an ad (do you?)
  • Less than 1 person out of 10 even make it off the first page (do you?)

Think about a Google listing like this:

The biggest website comes to you and asks, “do you want to advertise with me?”  Here’s what they promise you:

  • You invest in your ad for 6-9 months
  • From then on, 4 out of 10 people will go to your website when they see your ad
  • If you make a good ad it could stay up for years at no extra cost
  • If you make a good ad you could show up in dozens of other ad listings free of charge
  • People on this website are searching for you and want to hear from you
  • The people who see your ad know you’re the best around because you beat everyone else


  • The people who go to your website from your ad are more likely to buy from you because you’re the best around

Can you keep letting your competitors take your customers from right under your nose, year after year, even if you’re not a cosmetic surgeon?

Let’s be clear, you can trust us to do the job for you, but

Our SEO isn’t for all businesses

Our SEO services are for:

  1. Active and healthy businesses that want to move a lot faster and a lot farther
  2. Businesses with an active and healthy customer base.  You’re consistently bringing customers into your business and making sales
  3. Your product or service is high quality and you have a reputation of doing good work.

They aren’t for:

  • Get Rich Quick or Pyramid Schemes
  • Multi-Level Marketing Companies
  • Adult Entertainment Companies
  • Start Ups (By Freshly Minted Entrepreneurs)
  • “Comfortable” Companies

You should be:

  • Running ads to your customers
  • Actively promoting your business
  • Able to handle an increase in sales
  • Already selling your products and services

You don’t have to be a household name, but your name has to mean something to your customers.

Since your SEO services aren’t for all businesses, who should apply?

You should apply if you’re struggling to bring in customers to your business through the internet.

If you’ve ever:

  • Wondered why you have a business website in the first place because it doesn’t do anything for you
  • Been afraid to hire a company to work on your website because you don’t want to get ripped off
  • Not started working on it because it takes too much time

What we do together will:

  • Bring you more customers – meaning more sales and profit
  • Create massive goodwill in your market
  • Build your brand
  • Demonstrate your expertise

We also build your reputation as online through reviews.

If you meet all the requirements above, we’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Fill out the business breakthrough form below (Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive), please be as thorough as possible
  2. You’ll get an email from us (usually within 48 hours) scheduling a phone call about the below form
    • If you miss the email, we’ll give you a call 2 business days after the email was sent
    • We need to know what you’re selling and get an idea of what you want to accomplish
  3. We painstakingly review your products, your offer, and your goals
  4. We’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues
    • Our plans are based on the processes that are generating customers and revenue for our clients right now

Your initial call will be between 45 and 60 minutes.

Ready to get started?


Businesses are investing in SEO right now.  They’re:

  • Doubling their sales
  • Forcing Google to send 547.12% more targeted customers to their websites


  • Making the Wall Street Journal come calling by building their expertise and brands online

Remember, SEO is only for businesses investing in their long-term growth.

The sooner you start, the faster you’re able to show up when your customers are searching for businesses like yours.  You’ll be able to cement your spot against your competitors.

Let us ask you something: are you going to keep waiting, being overwhelmed

Are you going to keep waiting, being overwhelmed with everything moving so fast (like most business owners)?


Are you going to get this handled so you can focus on working on your business?

What’s the cost of a decline in sales or lack of growth to your business?  What’s the cost of pretending things will get better, but never actually making things better because of fear?

Adam is an outstanding individual.  His ability to focus in on what’s necessary for a digital marketing campaign never ceases to amaze me.  Adam is the asset you need for your SEO to destroy your competition.  Highly recommend.

Joshua BlanchardChief Executive Officer at Search Rigger

Tharros Media | Washington DC Digital Marketing Agency

(844) 245-0705