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Bring in quality leads from Facebook in the next 10 days at no cost all done for you

Do you want to bring in quality leads for your dental office from Facebook in the next 10 days?

What if it was done for you at no cost to you and all you had to do was pay for the ads?

How would you feel if you could sit back and not have to worry about bringing in new patients?

Imagine you had a waiting list so long that you were booked solid for 6 months…

Imagine what it would feel like being able to get clients…


What type of freedom would that bring?

That type of freedom is going to cost you nothing. You read that right, totally FREE, except ad-spend of course.


We believe in getting results BEFORE we ask anyone to invest in us.

We could show our clients results we’ve gotten for our clients:


Yup… 118 total leads for 279.81 (2.37 per lead). And yes, that was 50 leads for 0.54 each…

86 leads for 0.69 each (59.12 total) in less than a month…

But we’d rather show you the results we’re getting for you!

If you’re up for it, you can come on as a client on a trial at no cost!

If you come on between May 14th – May 31st, you’ll invest nothing (but 100 in ad spend).

If you’re up for a trial run, give us 100 ad budget, we’ll get your ads set up, and we’ll use a proven campaign (from other dentists) to bring in clients and bring quality leads FREE for you!

Click “Get Started,” enter your name and email address and we’ll setup a time to talk and make sure Facebook Ads are good for your company.

Why Facebook?

2/3’s of the EVERYONE in the US is on Facebook. Facebook has 214 million US users and 208 million of them are over 18. Basically meaning:

The only people not on Facebook in the US are people under 18 years old…

  • 82 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds online in the U.S. use Facebook
  • 79 percent of 30 to 49-year-olds online in the U.S. use Facebook
  • 56 percent of U.S. online users ages 65 and up use Facebook

And they’re on Facebook (on average) 40 minutes a day or more.

Facebook advertising is still new, meaning your competitors probably aren’t doing it right…


And Facebook has one of the lowest average costs per click – $0.65 per click and $1.54 per thousand to be exact in the US. That’s 5x lower than offline and 2x lower to its closest competitor (Google) online.

By the way, this is on a first come first serve basis per location. We want the clients we work with to have exclusivity!