Getting People To Their First Yes

Then How They’ll Open Your Emails, Come To Your Events, Join Your Membership AND Buy BuY BUY

The job of your opt-in on your landing page is to get whoever lands on it to say yes to you.

landing page is any page someone lands on. It’s generally a page you’re actively sending visitors (paid or free) to do something on the page.

This page is one, did you notice?

No header, no footer…


Think of your landing page as your salesman in print.

Dollar Dollar Bills

You can’t have them fooling around with anything else on your site. Giving people options on what to do is less $$$ in your pocket.

Your landing page offers people a reason to start saying yes to you (do what you ask).

Maybe it’s something free or a one-time-offer (OTO), but it should be a crazy good deal they can’t possibly say no to.

The point is to start building trust

I don’t know if you knew this…

…the internet is inherently untrustworthy because everyone is anonymous.

AND opening your wallet is easier if you’re getting a crazy good deal!

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