Why You Should Build Trust Building Email Funnels For Your Business

Building trust upfront for every new person makes:

  • Selling a lot easier
  • Creates better, more educated customers
  • Creates loyalty to your business & brand


  • Makes your life a lot easier

OH, and I almost forgot!

People spend more with you when they trust you.

Most businesses do that over time through repeat business. What if we could generate the same thing, upfront with a couple emails?

When I was working for my dad’s company, most of our business was repeat business. We would only grow when someone left the construction company they were with and went to another one.

I suspect that’s actually the norm for most small businesses…

One rule that I live by:

People don’t care about your products, they care about the progress they’ll make by using your product.


Keeping that in mind is key. Why they’re buying from you is the important reason.

If people are willing to trust you with their personal information, walk through your velvet ropes and hand over their money, you probably have someone you want to work with.

Keeping their trust by living up to the expectations you set is important. It’s part of the foundation relationships are built on.

Building a lot of that trust in the first couple days they’ve reached out to you is even better. And you can do that with 5 emails, in a specific order, that explains who you are on a personal level…

Want to see what I mean?

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