Building your business online with Behavior Based Marketing

These types of funnels don’t have to be complicated. Look at the one I made for this demonstration:

Explain Funnel

Full disclosure – I made this demonstration for service-based businesses. Selling courses and products is a little different.

But online, the process works the same:

Funnel Demo

The initial ads into the funnel are either free (SEO) or paid. But that’s pretty much how it works.

You’ll need 3 or 4 products (if you don’t we can work with that too) for your clients to invest in and you can get rolling.

If you have multiple product lines, we can build funnels that lead into each other:

Side Funnel Demo

Lots of ads with lots of funnels leading to a lot of different things.

Dollar Dollar Bills

Imagine it…

…you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!


Now, in the spirit of building funnels

Let’s get you one built!

I can come in and build you one


We can work together and build you one. You choose: