How 98% of Service Companies & Contractors Can Double Their Online Customers Instantly

We’ve probably seen 300+ campaigns by every type of home services company all over the US.

There’s one thing 98% of them are missing, and they’re losing thousands of dollars a year on AdWords or Facebook:

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A Landing Page

Most service companies & contractors know online marketing is now a real way to grow their businesses. It doesn’t matter what city you’re in, Google usually has enough customers for all the advertisers in your city.

But in our experience, most are missing one crucial piece of the online advertising puzzle. And what’s odd about that trend, is even the bigger companies using advertising agencies are missing the same piece.

For the DIY’er, it’s understandable. You probably never learned the “best practices,” you know you needed customers and you made it happen.

For the companies running ads for their client’s and not using landing pages…

That’s just lazy.

What’s A Landing Page?

Our definition of a landing page is – a standalone web page created for a single objective, used in a marketing/advertising campaign.

Unbounce has a pretty good definition too:

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar.

In general, landing pages are created to be the next step your potential customers “land” on after they’ve clicked your ad.

And from our experience, you’re only bringing in half the customers you could be (with the same budget) if you aren’t using landing pages. Meaning your spending twice the money your competitors are, who are using landing pages, to get the same results (or worse).

Bringing in Customers

Why Can’t I Use A Page On My Website As My Landing Page?

You can. That’s what 98% of other small businesses are doing…

But, think of landing pages vs website pages this way.

Someone found your phone number and gave you a call to schedule a free estimate. They called you for a specific service.

Your tech heads out to their home to make sure they can give an accurate estimate. Once your tech gets to the customers’ house, instead of completing the estimate your the customer asked for, your tech starts listing all the other services your business offers.

Now, think of the person finding your number and calling, like your AdWords or Facebook advertisement. More than likely, the ad is very specific and only talks about one service. Which is great, that’s how your ads should be.

Your potential customer clicks on the ad because they’re interested in that service.

But instead of just giving your potential customer a landing page catered to what they’re looking for, you send them to your website (homepage or service page) and let them figure it out for themselves. Kinda like the tech who didn’t finish the estimate.

Some customers figure it out, and either give you a call or submit a web form. But from the tests we’ve been able to do, most don’t figure it out. It’s not only bad for you because you lose their business, it’s also bad for your customers.

What Makes A Great Landing Page?

Design of a landing page

There are five key things every landing page should have:

A Relevant Headline

Your headline doesn’t have to be the catchy or written by a professional copywriter. Just make sure it matches what your ad’s about.

The most important part of a headline is that it’s relevant to the customer’s experience. Meaning, if someone clicked on an ad for air conditioning service, your landing page headline should say air conditioning service in it.

Contact Form & Clickable Phone Number

Possibly the most important of the five. Not having a contact form and a phone number is like not asking for the order when you’re selling anything.

A simple contact form that asks for name, email, phone number and time to call is all that you need. And including a clickable phone number is a great idea because there’s always a small percentage of people who want to reach out to your business immediately.

Benefits Of Using Your Company

Answer the question, “Why should I reach out to your company versus all the others?”

Having customer reviews that touch on the benefits your company offers is also a powerful way to show the benefits of your company – from the mouth of your customers.

Benefits Of Your Service

Make sure you mention the benefits your potential customers are going to get when they use the specific service your landing page is advertising.

The same way you mentioned them in your ads, just mention them to make sure they’re reinforced in your customers’ mind.

Testimonials & Reviews

Most of your potential customers want to know the work your company does, and what better way to show them than your reviews.

Plus, customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to show how great your company is without you having to say it.

Website Security Is Also Important

Imagine you’re spending money to get people to your website and they see a bold “Your Connection Is Not Private” warning.

Or they see a “Not Secure” warning in their browser.

Your website security isn’t a key element of your landing page, but it’s still important. And, security alone improves your website’s conversions – landing page or not.

What Should You Leave Off Your Landing Page?

This one is simple, all outbound links.

There should be no “escape” for your potential customers. They can always close the tab in their browser or press the back button.

Remember they clicked your ad and reached out to your company for a reason. But you have to be the one who keeps them focused on why they clicked in the first place.

Letting people click around your website is the last thing someone should be doing if you’re spending money getting them there. Landing pages take a little work to create, but they have huge benefits when they’re used in your advertising.

Examples Of Great Home Service Landing Pages

Here’s a landing page mock-up we created for a client:

Home Services Landing Page Example

In the mock-up, we included everything except the testimonials & reviews. But they should look something like this:

“The best marketing strategies that can help any business grow… I highly recommend Tharros Media.”

Travis KellyRank Shark Group

The best testimonials are always relevant to the landing page and specify the benefit that the customer got from that specific service.