for investing in your secure website

You can expect the security upgrade to be completed over the next weekend so this process doesn’t interrupt your business at all.

The Process In A Nutshell:

  • Buy a security certificate on your behalf

    Security certificates are offered by a couple key vendors and come in a couple different types. We’ll search for and purchase the correct certificate for your situation.

  • Install the security certificate on your server

    Making sure the security certificate is installed correctly is important. We’ll install it on your server for you in your business’ off hours to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your usual business hours.

  • Update your .htaccess file

    Your .htaccess file tells browsers how to look at your site, and they won’t know they’re supposed to show the secure version unless this file is updated. We’ll update this file for you.

  • Set up redirects from unsecured to secured pages

    One of the most important parts of installing a security certificate is making sure it covers all your websites pages. We’ll make sure all your pages are redirected to the secure version of those pages.

  • Update internal links

    Every link on your website needs to be updated to make sure it’s directed to the secure version. We’ll go through every page of your site and make sure all the links are pointed to the correct version.

  • Update all internal site resources

    You can violate the security on your website by having unsecured pictures and resources loading on your newly secured site. We’ll make sure all the resources are updated so you security certificate is working properly and protecting all of your site.

  • Update your website’s sitemap

    Google uses this file to know what pages are on your website and what importance they have. We’ll make sure this is updated.

  • Update robot.txt file

    Google and other tools need to know you’ve made the switch to secure. We’ll update your robot.txt file to make sure they know you’ve made the update.

  • Re-index site

    This makes sure your site appears how it should in search engines. We’ll reindex your site so Google knows you updated it to be secure.

Other resources that are highly recommended to be updated

  • Your analytics
  • Your Google Search Console
  • Your Bing Webmaster tools

They aren’t mandatory for creating a secure site, but it’s highly recommended you make sure they’re updated.

We need a couple things from you:

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  • If any more information is needed, we'll give you a call and let you know. Sometimes registrar information is needed because of how your server is set up. Once up click "submit," you'll be taken to a page to book an appointment. Make sure you book an appointment so this runs as smooth as possible and we can update you.