Who’s the Best SEO Company in Baltimore in 2019?


We’re so glad you asked

Hi 😉

This is an example page 🙂 You know what’s funny? We were going to copy the exact same page from the 2018 example (here).

But, we decided against making an exact copy of the web page.

We’re still having that webinar (you might be on it now) to show you that what they’ve might be hearing is wrong…
…that’s hard to hear sometimes, I know.

But, it’s okay.

Why is it okay?

Well, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever figured out something that you learned was wrong, then you were determined to figure out what was actually right?

That’s kinda like what this is.

We wanted to show people that the advice people were hearing over the last year or two, “Content is king,” isn’t exactly right.

It’s been in every SEO journal, article and update for the past year.

This article is going to rank for “Best SEO Company Baltimore 2018,” and it really doesn’t have anything to do with SEO…

…or does it?

So if that’s the case,

How do you know what’s working in SEO?

That’s a great question to ask. The simple answer is – you try it out!

Whoa! Crazy idea. Especially when it comes to SEO.

There are a lot of articles out there. Think of most of them like the 5’oclock news. They need to write/say something, even if it’s not actually “news.” SEO isn’t any different.

Places like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and Moz don’t actually do SEO. They sell SEO news and tools.

That’s the benefit of having an SEO company on your side. Lot’s of SEO companies are competing for those top 10 spots in Google for their city. Like the keyword Baltimore SEO that we’re competing for, Google shows you who the top SEO companies in your area are.

Imagine, if we can rank for the most competitive keyword in our city in less than 3 months (with a brand new website), imagine what we could do for your website.

Right now, we’re currently sitting at #3 on mobile and #5 on a desktop. We plan to have it to #1 by the end of June.

Well, how did you get to the first page in search rankings so fast?

We do our SEO like it’s 2017. PLUS, we’re staying on top of what’s coming up in 2018.


We’re in THE top SEO mastermind in the world with the top SEO agency owners in the world. Also over the last couple years, we’ve spent countless hours and dollars learning and doing SEO.

We’re really not that special, anyone could do it.

BUT, not everyone has the time.

We understand most business owners are busy and want to focus on what they do best. If you’re a business owner, why would you spend your valuable time learning and doing something that wasn’t what you’re best at? You’re busy and you probably wouldn’t.

That’s where we come in. We let you get back to doing what you’re best at. We specialize in SEO and that’s what we’re best at.

You deserve the best for your business, so you should get the best, shouldn’t you?


Yes, I deserve the best!


This article is going to be rewritten later because we actually want to rank for this keyword, but for now, we thought we’d use it as an example.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you were on the webinar, hopefully, we’ll see you soon. 😉