We took the time to built this page so there won’t be any surprises between us later. These questions are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard from your fellow clients.

Can You Provide Some Referrals With People/Companies You’ve Worked With?

We’re glad you asked! It’s smart to do your due diligence. We have a whole page on this website dedicated to testimonials.

Our testimonials are from business owners and fellow search engine optimization specialists that we’ve contributed to. Be mindful people are busy. If we asked our existing or previous clients to talk to new clients about what we did for them, they wouldn’t get any work done.

I’m sure you can understand.

Do You Have A Contract?

No. We don’t like them and we don’t use them.

Everything we do is based on the agreement we’ve made together. You’ll get a scope of work from us. It’s an agreement to make sure everyone’s on the same page and if either of us wants to walk away, we can.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, after a six-month grace period. If we don’t get you where we agreed upon, you shouldn’t be paying us; should you? During the grace period, you won’t be billed anything and we’ll continue working.

But, if you’ve had SEO done to your site before, it’ll have to be a case by case basis. We can’t (and won’t) guarantee any work done by any firm other than our agency. The reason is, there are a lot of “tactics” that got websites penalized in the past, and we probably have to spend a good deal of time cleaning that up.

You don’t make guarantees for other people’s work do you? We won’t either.

How Many Calls Can You Guarantee?

None – and we don’t guarantee incoming calls. Our guarantees are based on our packages. How many customers can you guarantee with Facebook advertising, newspaper ads, billboard ads or super bowl ads?

We can’t vouch for your website’s conversion. We make sure you get prime real estate in Google.

How Many Sales Can You Guarantee?

Same as above.

We can’t vouch for your website’s conversion. We make sure you get prime real estate in Google. 

If you have the traffic and are looking for more sales, we can help you with your website conversions. You have to apply by submitting a business breakthrough from. Make sure you add “need help with conversion” in the form.

Can You Send Me A Proposal?

Sure, after you fill out our business breakthrough form. The procedure is:

  • You fill out our business breakthrough form
  • We talk on the phone about your goals
  • We send you a video analysis

Then, we both agree to work together. We’ll send you a scope of work, which is similar to a proposal.

Have You Ever Worked In My Niche Before?

Our SEO is similar niche to niche. Google doesn’t evaluate your site based on your niche.

If it’s for copywriting and other forms of advertising, we build niche specific teams.

How Will I Track Your Work?

We work based on results, not “our work.” We’re your partner, not your employee. Go to Google Webmaster Tools to see the backlink profile of your site. You will get ranking reports from us.

The vast majority of our clients want more time for other parts of their lives. Our clients have enough tension and hassle in their daily lives, and we take every measure not to add to that. That’s why we:

  • Send daily ranking reports
  • Monthly news on the advertising industry
  • Preemptive phone calls and emails in case there’s something you should know

As your business partner, we want you to do what you’re good at, and let us do what we’re good at. Don’t you agree? Why willing add more stress to your life?

How Will You Report Hours Worked Each Month/Week?

We won’t. You can check the backlink profile of your site with Google Webmaster Tools.

We’re your business partner, not your employee. Employees you have to check after and make sure they’re accountable. Business partners are held accountable for their results.

How Long Will SEO Take For My Site?

That really depends on:

  • Is your website brand new?
  • Is your website less than 4 years old?
  • Is your website over 4 years old?

The timeframe also depends on the keyword.

  • If your website is brand new or less than 1 year old, it could take a while; 12-18 months type while. There are a couple things we’ll do to hopefully speed your ranking up, but that’s probably a good estimate.
  • If your website is 1-4 years old, it could take from 8-18 months. That’s a healthy expectation.
  • If your website is over 4 years old, expect 6-10 months. The older sites rule this one.

We’re like website personal trainers. Your website is probably 30-75lbs overweight. If you want to lose the weight in a healthy way (and have it stay off), it’s recommended that you take things slow and steady.

How Much Will I Have To Invest In SEO?

Same as the answer above, it depends.

Imagine us as a digital moving company. We’re moving websites from where they are, to where you want them to be. Your investment in SEO depends on the weight of the move. We evaluate your site, your competition’s sites and the search words you want to show up for.

Think about all the “one size fits all” pills and plans out there, how many of them actually do a good job for you? Hardly any if you think about it. With us, you’ll get a free analysis of your website with no obligation and at no charge once you apply. All pricing is done after we have all the information we need.

How Are You Going To Work On Our Site?

This is an awesome question. A lot of our methods are proprietary, but there are industry best practices too. Google gauges how many powerful and trusted ‘friends’ your website has. We go out and find your website more powerful and trusted ‘friends’. We get them to talk about you – which takes a decent amount of time.

Can we ask you a question, how would you grade our work? Results right? Check out our testimonials page to see what other people are saying about our work. We build your site’s authority a number of ways like:

  • Guest Posting
  • Outreach
  • Link Building Campaigns

Among other things. Let’s be clear, more links aren’t better. You’re a quality company and are looking for other quality companies to talk about you. Think of a link like a referral from a business; the better the business, the better the referral – same with links.

Can You Promise Me A #1 Ranking?

We guarantee what we agree upon, which is usually page 1 rankings – we always aim for the top 3 spots.

Now, we don’t control Google or have some type of special deal with them (no one does). When we give you a proposal and specify the timeframe (average 6 months) we’ll get you to page 1, that timeframe comes with a three month grace period. Our three month grace period states, “If we can’t get you on page 1 within the specified timeframe, we’ll continue our service for the next three months; free of charge.”

*To take advantage of our guarantee, you have to make on time payments for the agreed upon timeframe.

Does Your SEO Service Include Social Media Management?


We will need access to your social media accounts, though. We use them in our SEO. If you have someone managing your social media, we’ll work with them. If you want us to do it, that’s an add-on to our SEO package on a case by case basis after 6-12 months of SEO.

Our main focus is getting you organic search traffic.

Can You Set Up My Adwords?

Not if we didn’t agree to it.

Can You Just Rank Me In The Map Pack?

If you don’t know what that is, it’s:

SEO snack pack rankings

No. You generally have to be in the top 3 in organic rankings and at a specific location in your city. We always strive to get you there, but that’s not guaranteed.

Our question to you is, why do you want to be in the “map pack”? Is it going to do something for your business? We can probably get you a 2 for 1. With our organic search services, you’ll likely float to the map pack.

Higher rankings and more customers from organic search results won’t hurt without being in the map pack, will it?

Can I See Your Backlink Profile After You Build Them?

There’s no educational institution in the world that does what we do. You can’t go to school and get a Ph.D. in SEO. Let us ask you, what are you going to do with them after we show you?

Our work is proprietary. What would you think of a customer who walked into your office and asked to check on your work? We focus on rankings. You can also go to Google Webmaster Tools to see the backlink profile of your site.

SEO is an extremely powerful advertising method, but it’s only for the most dedicated. It’s okay if you’re not that type of person.

You have to be okay with going 6-8 months not getting anything tangible, but investing in your businesses future. Think of SEO like putting in new plumbing in your house, you can’t see it, but you can definitely tell the difference when it’s done.

You’re investing in your business’s website, which makes it an asset and makes your company more valuable in the long run.

I Can’t Afford Your SEO Service

We totally understand. Dollars don’t go nearly as far as they used to and you might be under tight constraints at the moment. Your business might not be in the best position to invest in this type of advertising. We want to help you, but our price is our price.

We have an awesome program.

  • Every client that’s referred in by you takes 30% off your SEO investment
  • If you bring us three referrals that invest in our service (turn into clients), we’ll do your SEO for $77 per month.